What is Radiovolna?

Radiovolna is a site where all your favorite radio stations are located, which you can listen directly from your browser, without having to download. It is also a place to exchange these radio stations with friends, as well as a huge base of songs and artists that sounded and sounded on radio stations every day.

Why are there radio stations that do not display the song and the band's name?

The answer lies in the fact that not all radio stations provide this information. Some also provide it not in a very good format, because sometimes it is not always easy to grab and display. So while our choice of radio stations that show information about the song is limited, but in the near future we plan to expand it to more stations. And also increase the accuracy of showing playlists.

How to add a new radio station / or change an already added one.

  1. To add a new radio station you need to register and add an application to your account, filling all fields. In the future, you can manage the changes of your radio station from your personal cabinet.
  2. To change information about an already added radio station, you also need to first register and go to the Feedback page and send us a link to your radio station page On our site and the nickname or email you provided during registration. We will tie up this radio station for your account and in the future you will be able to edit all the information yourself

IMPORTANT! When editing and adding radio stations, they always undergo moderation to verify the accuracy of the specified data if you systematically To indicate incorrect data, your account will be blocked.

Questions: "Put a song" "Say hi" and so on.

We do not influence radio stations and do not contact them directly. If you want to ask the question of the radio station itself. Write them on their website or in social networks. Also we do not accept applications for additions to the rotation of songs.

Save your favorite radio stations and songs, add to your favorites

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