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Metaverse Radio

Metaverse Radio

Metaverse Radio for IIID SOUNDS at WMVR-db Chicago (www.Metaverse.Radio) & the Metaverse ( and other metaverse locations). IIID SOUNDS in the Web3 era: community of interest includes, among others: independent musicians, visual artists, philosophers, futurists, science fiction aficionados, gamers, computer scientists/programmers, digital designers/coders, and persons interested in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology (cf. the Metaverse (Web3), music (including eclectic, indie, EDM, HI-NRG, hip hop, rap, grunge, rock, etc.), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, AI, gaming, futurism, sci-fi, philosophy, technology, fandom entertainment, and more).

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Swollen Monster WMVR-db Chicago
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Swollen Monster WMVR - db Chicago
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WMVR - db Chicago
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