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Guest 08.09.2020 15:33

Hello, I'm English and I have been Living Novopolotsk for the last 7 years and have listened to Retro FM for the most of the time and I must say, could you please please change your music, you have played the same or repeated the same songs every day over the last 7 year! It is so repetitive it is unbelievable! Even twice on the same day its so repetitive. There are thousands of retro song out that are available for you to play but you continuously play the same ones. PLEASE PLEASE GET SOME NEW RETRO SONGS AS YOUR RADIO IS BECOMING VERY BORING; EVEN TAXI DRIVERS ARE FED UP WITH THE REPEATS. YOURS Dave Williams Novopolotsk,

Geka 14.11.2017 01:52

Пожалуйста прошу вас поздравить нашего сына Ковалевского Артура Евгеньевич. Так как я нахожусь очень далеко Мне так не хватает его. Но благодаря вам Я надеюсь поздравить самого радного дорогого единственного человека на всем белом свете. С Любовью к тебе мама и папа


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