Marco Ricci-Fluid

Marco Ricci - Fluid

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Berlin’s visionary Ampispazi Recordings is about to release another inspired three tracker, this time coming from Marco Ricci. His EP is his debut for the label and is backed up with a Janca remix.

There is so much we could say about Berlin - based Ampispazi: in the past 5 years the digital outlet has released some truly forward thinking music from up and coming artists. The label has collected music from the likes of Ercos Blanka, Redundant, Ramsi, C0A just to name a few and is now about to drop Marco Ricci’s second EP. The Italian producer has previously released a track for Ministry Of Sound TV which caught Ampspazi’s label head Mik Santoro’s attention.

“Opera EP” comprises 3 heterogeneous original tracks which showcases the artist’s taste for deep psychedelic moody and club focused electronic music. Topping everything up is Germany’s Janca remix who previously released music on Bugcoder Records and Partina Sun Records. The EP opens with the title track: a long journey into the producers’ mind, guided by a pulsing bass-line and ethereal synths’ melodies which slowly grows into an explosive crescendo of emotions.

The second cut, ‘Fluid’, merges a deep wobbly bass with straight 4/4 rhythmical loops leading into the arrival of a dreamlike distorted melody which once again perfectly recreates the artists’ musical imagination. The third track of the ‘Opera EP’ is the late night ‘Riddle’: asian sounding melodies fused with solemn drum machine patterns and a growling bass line. The EP closes with Janca’s remix of the title track: an emotional re-intrepretation of the opening cut driven by a relentless groove and timeless hypnotic melodies.

Marco Ricci on Ampispazi. Is like water in a desert. You need to have it.

Always With Love
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