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Tibetan frequency

Tibetan frequency

Cctv Tibetan frequency is a comprehensive news frequency, which is the eleventh program launched by CCTV after the voice of the elderly. The main tasks are: disseminating major news at home and abroad; Report on the development achievements of the lives of farmers and herdsmen and the modernization drive in Tibet and other Tibetan areas; Publicize the history and culture of Tibet; Provide life information, culture and entertainment services for the audience. The central Tibetan language radio advertising has a good effect and promotes the technical progress of the industry. It is reported that central radio Tibetan broadcasting was founded in the early days of the founding of new China. On May 22, 1950, according to the decision of the Central People's government, the Tibetan broadcasting of CCTV began. Over the past 60 years, CCTV's investment in Tibetan broadcasting has been continuously strengthened, the broadcasting duration has gradually increased, the coverage effect has been greatly improved, the program quality and public opinion guidance ability have been continuously improved, the number of letters and calls from listeners has been increasing, and Tibetan programs have been more and more praised by Tibetan listeners



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