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Piledriver-One Way to Rock

Piledriver - One Way to Rock

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Piledriver One Way to Rock

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Here´s the official video for the first singlefrom the new PILEDRIVER-album "BROTHERS IN BOOGIE" which will be out october 14. The single release includes a special live version of the title tracks as well as a live version of the STATUS QUO classic "Caroline".



ALBUM INFO "Brothers In Boogie":
PILEDRIVER are firmly established as a STATUS QUO tribute band and have been playing on classic rock festivals all over Europe for more than 20 years. PILEDRIVER are on a mission: to carry the original STATUS QUO sound of the 1970s into a new era without performing only the old classics as a mere cover band. Following the debut album "PILEDRIVER" (1997), a Maxi-CD called "HI!" (2000) and "PILES OF ROCK" (2004), PILEDRIVER are going to release their third album "Brothers In Boogie" in autumn 2016.

As already done on their last album, the songs were all written by them except for two tracks and define the album's crisp rock sound which will delight far more than just STATUS QUO fans. The thirteen songs plus two bonus tracks present an exceedingly varying tour de force through classic rock sounds shaped by stomping drums, massive rhythm guitars and rousing choruses. None other than Stefan Kaufmann is responsible for the album's production who as ACCEPT's longtime drummer and U.D.O.'s guitarist contributed his broad experience and participated in two album songs as a musician.

On an exclusive live concert in last October where they played a great deal of the new material to the enthusiastic audience, the band gave an impressive demonstration of why they are one of the hot shots on stage. The show was recorded with a lot of effort with the result that in the coming months the recordings will be released as part of various video and single releases and will likely be available on DVD / Blu-ray next year.

Of course, the band will rock the stage to present the new album. In addition, they are also working on plans to go on tour at the beginning of 2017.
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