Sian Richards / Family Ties
Sian Richards-Family Ties

Sian Richards - Family Ties

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Sian Richards Family Ties

Описание и слова песни
Sian Richards is an up-and-coming Swansea-based bilingual (Welsh and English) singer/songwriter. At TEDxSwansea 2017 she performed three of her songs -
‘Tywyllwch Ddu’, ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Family Ties’.

Sian Richards is a Swansea-based bilingual singer/songwriter. She has recorded an English language 5 track EP called ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ and recently released a 12-track album called ‘Borderline’. She also writes and performs in the Welsh language, with her most recent song called ‘Welai di eto’.

Sian’s Welsh music is regularly played on BBC Radio Cymru and her English songs on sites such as BBC Introducing and Museboat Radio New York, amongst others.

Early in 2016, she was named ‘Artist of the Week’ on BBC Wales Introducing as well as having the ‘Track of the Week’ with one of her Welsh songs, ‘Tywyllwch Ddu’. One of her songs, called ‘Easy to Hang’, was nominated as ‘Track of the Year 2016’ by Radio Six International.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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