Q3A-Untitled 1

Q3A - Untitled 1

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Q3A Untitled 1
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Buy links:
Delsin Shop http://www.delsinrecords.com/release/5140/q3a/space-chamber
Bandcamp http://q3amusic.bandcamp.com/album/space-chamber

Taken from the EP "Space Chamber" on Delsin Records (114dsr) | Out 11.01.2016

Q3A is a new alias of Route 8, a producer who has credits on labels like Lobster Theremin and Nous as well as Black Venison. Now the producer serves up a sumptuous four track EP, Space Chamber, on the Delsin label and it touches on many different styles with equally great results.

First on the a-side is an expansive bit of well driven deep house with rich synths and cavernous innards that really suck you in. Next up is another serenely crafted bit of atmospheric house with dusty drums and lose hits all backed with heavenly pads and retro bass. The first of the b-side tracks is a chunky acid kicker with angelic vocals drifting up top as a controlled 303 line rips up the foreground. Spaced out and deep, driving yet emotive, it is a moving bit of club music before the B2 trips you out on a silvery electro tip with its icy lines and slap-funk snares. Overall, this is an expansive and perfectly formed EP and comes with a sleeve by Boris Tellegen.
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