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D5 - Transglide

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D5 Transglide

Описание и слова песни
Album: Sides of Space
Artist: D5
Title: Transglide
Label/Cat.No.: Delsin Records [112DSR]
Release Date: 2015-12-11

Delsin are proud to present Sides Of Space, a collection of classic, lost and forgotten tracks from atmospheric techno producer D5. The 12 track, triple vinyl affair will land in November in both regular and limited edition forms.

D5 has released a number of fine EPs on Delsin that date back to the turn of the millennium, as well as a fine full length in 2002 entitled Alien Artform. The tracks on this new compilation have been chosen from old CDR'a by label boss Marsel and truly reflect the artist formerly known as Dimensions 5's fine tradition of relaxing chilled out, Detroit influenced techno. His most classic track, 'Floatation Tank' (which was a standout from the 2005 Panet Delsin compilation) as well as all cuts from the sought after Neutrino EP, are included here, and still sound as good now as they ever did. In all there are seven previously released tracks as well as five brand new, never before heard cuts, and they all make for absorbing listening both in the club, on headphones or from the sofa.

'Lab Work' opens things up with lush pads and spritely drums that travel through a cosmic universe, from there 'Run' keeps up the slick and clean vibes with a microcosm of futuristic synths and colourful chords, 'Compumotion' gets deep and rubbery and the classic 'Floatation Tank' is the most Detroit referencing of the lot with its airy snares and hugely atmospheric pads. 'Sides Of Space' is awash with liquid synths and horizontal pads that sooth mind, body and soul and cuts like 'Future Sense' marry long legged drums with spacious grooves, starry skies and heart warming emotions.

This is a compelling compilation that is wholly timeless from start to finish. Though driven by a fine sense of groove, it is also great head music that is richly musical and truly serene. In all, this releases reminds us that D5 is a underrated producer of emotive electronic landscapes.

Digital & Vinyl

Delsin Records
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