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Socionic - Epiphany

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Socionic Epiphany
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Directed by Michael Meinhart
Editing and Effects by Michael Meinhart and TJ Sochor with help from Richard Seemueller ( )
Original Artwork by Valp -

Here I stand
Waiting on the brink of revelation
And then it ends, before I even begin

And I know, these thoughts are overcoming me
And I'm feeling so, alone

A voice rings through my head, to punish me for what I have become
So I fade away, regretting all I've ever done

I've waited for so long
Closer now that I was before
But I know, this is forever

It seems after all I've done, that somehow I should be closer
And I would give anything, for someone to show me an answer

Time is taunting me, its mocking me again
So I succumb to fate, accepting this situation

I've waited for so long
Closer now that I was before
Standing on the brink of a revelation
Hoping that there's something more to this endless trial I've endured so long
But I know, this is forever

I've waited for so long
Closer now than I was before
Searching for something that wasn't there
Sensing that there's nothing more than all I've seen so far
And its pulling me down that I know
This is forever
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