Wodoo Wolcan-Beauty

Wodoo Wolcan - Beauty

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● Bandcamp » https://bit.ly/2fyGC9i
● iTunes » https://apple.co/2gwINfo
● Spotify » https://bit.ly/2fPMMT3
● Google Play » https://bit.ly/2fBZIyp

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● HHV.de » http://bit.ly/2hM5VZX

Hot & fresh, let the new solo album by Wodoo Wolcan caress your cheeks and refresh you like a nice Summer Breeze. Within the perfect atmosphere you'll enjoy the vintage feeling of the chillest of samples all in harmony with the laidback and dusty beats that Wodoo Wolcan never fail to provide. The soundtrack for driving a convertible along the sea shores at sunset! You will feel that warm joy that you experience during the holidays. I nice escape from your everyday routine! The newest addition on the Radio Juicy catalog won't disappoint, grab this on vinyl & cassette with the lovely artwork by Alex Brade.

All tracks produced by Wodoo Wolcan
Artwork & Layout by Alex Brade
Mastering by Philanthrope

Published by Urban Waves Records
Vinyl manufactured & distributed by hhv.de

Radio Juicy©2016

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