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Alle Farben-Bad Ideas

Alle Farben - Bad Ideas

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Alle Farben Bad Ideas

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“Bad Ideas make the best memories, even if you don’t remember them…” True to that motto, Alle Farben is putting out his second single from his latest longplayer ‘Music Is My Best Friend’. After the first hit single ‘Please Tell Rosie’ (feat. YOUNOTUS)’, which has already achieved Gold status in Germany and Austria, this time the focus is shifted from Rosie onto the ‘bad ideas’ people may have in life, which usually turn out to be the most memorable. Think causing mischief, trespassing, partying and of course the inevitable hangovers and you’re on the right lines.
Musically, the Kreuzberg resident adds more colorful elements to his wide palette of ideas this time out. Of course the deep and melodic signature beats are there, but this time they’re combined with chilled guitar fills and vocal hooks from Nashville resident Chris Gelbuda, who’s vocal crosses the track over into potential pop-hit territory – “It’s like the whole world is upside down, can't even tell if this is real right now” That’s the point of the track - music and lyrics taking us to a higher level, demonstrating the importance of living for the moment and doing things your own way:
“‘Bad Ideas’ reflects the joy of life, without thinking or looking back or regretting something. You just have to go on and do what you’re up to, what you want to. It’s the idea that’s in the spotlight, not depending on what’s about to happen – should it be positive or negative. The importance lies within the experience and what you get out of it. This is what keeps us moving forward.”

Following that concept, the Berlin-based DJ also delivers a crazy video directly from Los Angeles, packed full of interest and including a wild chase. After „She Moves“, „Supergirl“ & „Please Tell Rosie“ Alle Farben continues his story with Bad Ideas this late summer. The tale for Alle Farben will only end when he runs out of crazy ideas, and that means never!

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