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T3RR0R 3RR0R-Redemption (feat. Alien Vampires)

T3RR0R 3RR0R - Redemption (feat. Alien Vampires)

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T3RR0R 3RR0R Redemption (feat. Alien Vampires)

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Full song extract from the EP "First Contact"
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If i could change who i am,
rip all the memories, faint,
destroy the anger in me,
id be the senseless fear.

But im evolving in this
sick machine yes im weird
but if you only could read my mind...
The clock has stopped.

Another dream passed away
im still awake but now i know
between the nightmares i see
how the clock ticks aways all the truth

Tell me once again
why cant i change?
you run away from me
but ill never forget your face

Its all the same old damn chords
the sounds of the same old sick song
asking redemption,
but to forgive is not my thing.

Faking feelings, inpirations,
all deep preassures come undone
smashing darkness in your eyes
keep me trapped in this cage

but now i know its real
and know i know im free
im self aware of this
ill never let you in

cuz in my mind its here
the pain's been frozen here
i wont forget your will
i'll never let you in again

Ah yeah, cuz i remember the times when we were walking
following the line they told me
where all the promisses go
where all the anger is gone
where i said "what have i done"
giving up for someone i loved

do i remember? I forgot when i've been falling away
when i was running away, well, yeah, what can i say?
who's gonna fight when im gone?
Betraying someone you love becomes the lake where you drown
redemption's not to forget your pain
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