Margaret Phillips / Voluntary in G Minor/Major: III. Pastorale
Margaret Phillips-Voluntary in G Minor/Major: III. Pastorale

Margaret Phillips - Voluntary in G Minor/Major: III. Pastorale

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Margaret Phillips Voluntary in G Minor/Major: III. Pastorale
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John Marsh: Voluntary No. 15 in G Major -- Organ of the church of St.-Pierre-ès-liens, Ménestérol
It should be clear from the video, but let me repeat that the organ you hear is not the organ you see. I mention in the video that there are two English three-manual organs to survive from the age of Handel. The other one is also in London, at St Botolph Aldgate, first built by Harris in 1704 for the old church and re-installed (minus the tierce) by Byfield in the present church in 1740. This instrument was restored to its condition of 1740 (20 stops, as opposed to 34 in the Spitalfields instrument) by Goetze & Gwynn in 2006; here too there are two (newly made) pedal stops.

John Marsh (1752 Dorking - 1828 Chichester) was a solicitor by profession, but more interested in music and in particular the organ. Besides his output as a composer -- works for organ, but also for orchestra, in particular symphonies -- he wrote books on various subjects and above all he kept diaries: thousands and thousands of pages in 37 volumes. In spite or because of their descriptions of everyday minutiae and not least thanks to their dry humour they make fascinating reading and throw much light on the English music scene of the period.

I have recorded two more of his 18 voluntaries of 1791 here:
No. 1 in F Major with the story of how John Marsh discovered the organ as a little boy and
No. 3 in F Major featuring more London organs that John Marsh likely knew.

The playlist is here:

There is more organ music from Georgian England here:
(Early Georgian period)
(Later Georgian period)
(William Goodwin ? - 1784)
(Charles Wesley & Samuel Wesley)
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