Årabrot / Interim Me
Årabrot-Interim Me

Årabrot - Interim Me

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Årabrot Interim Me
Описание и слова песни
By the house and quiet garden
A brook thrusts it's waters forth
And the camellia flowers that flows downstream
Is a signal to never drink stolen water
A symbol of red from wealth
A symbol of white from loveliness
But each flower a harbinger of calamity
And a forewarning of death
A am an interim me
I skulk around the room of condescension
And i'm hemming and hawing but still finding
Devilish mischief for idol hands
They say dying embers always rekindle
In the house by the camellia garden
So please see the flowers down the stream
As a warning signal from an interim me
I am hell-bent on destruction
I feel drowned by the underling
And as grime as the runt in the hog house
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