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Perfume - Challenger

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Perfume Challenger

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(NOTICE: Due to the fact that I am getting very angry Japanese comments, I feel the need to make myself clear. I did not upload this video to hinder Perfume's sales of the song. In fact, once the Youtube algorithm detects the song, it will automatically be monetized by Universal, meaning Perfume will get paid for each stream of the video. Please keep in mind that not everyone can afford a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music nor willing to spend at least $30 on a 3-disc set. This is exactly why Youtube set up it's algorithm to support artists when channels upload videos with their music in it. If you do not like this, you do not have to give the video a view. Thank you.)

Perfume's new song, Challenger, is a rerecorded and remastered version of a demo titled "Futari no Koi no Housoku (Law of Two-Person Love)" that was created by Yasutaka Nakata and Kinoko as one of the songs presented to Perfume's production company around the year 2002, when Perfume was preparing for their indies debut. It was because of this song that Nakata was hired as the groups producer up to this very day. It's super cool to see the group perform the song and the Indies era Perfume vibes still shine even through the remastered composition.
To listen to the original demo, click here:
English lyrics coming soon!
No copyright infringement intended
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