Sons of Crom-Call of the Black Mountain

Sons of Crom - Call of the Black Mountain

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Sons of Crom Call of the Black Mountain
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Album: Riddle of Steel (2014)

Hear the call of the mountain black
Infernal hammers pounding dead skin
Hillsides rumble from their echoes
The piercing force of a long lost sound
Beware, the Three have been freed
Awoken from their endless sleep
Prepare for a new age of doom
There is no place to hide

Vast forests covered in dark frost
Pushing forth the reign of darkness
Reforming the chaotic dissolution
Silent corrosion of light
The end is finally nigh
Fulfill the sign
Constitute disharmony

Black Mountain
I hear your call
Oh, Old One
I heed your call

"I resonate the voice of eternity
I bear steel, fire and time
I stand vigilant, unscathed"

A new age of might
Life without light
Glorious darkness
Spreading the blight:
One with steel,
One with fire and
One with wrath of time!

Black Mountain
I hear your call
Oh, All-father
I heed your call
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