Solar Activity & Miu-Insignia (MIU Edit) [Solar Activity vs. MIU]

Solar Activity & Miu - Insignia (MIU Edit) [Solar Activity vs. MIU]

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Solar Activity & Miu Insignia (MIU Edit) [Solar Activity vs. MIU]
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INSIGNIA rules the world, depriving crowns from kings.
Them only a total of four for every who ever lives....

Fire of ancient volcanoes brighter then sunny rays
explodes with the yield of lava - melt out a stupid keys,
Air- the cradle of freshness play winds from time to time,
But if butterfly on flight mosquitoes ready to die.

Lands are so full of wonders, gives us the only a hope
But when kids go down under what them awakens all shocks.
Water - the mother of all living things, cruel stepmother inside.

Either end is a way to begin!
Everything's changing by signes...

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