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City of Thieves-Reality Bites

City of Thieves - Reality Bites

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City of Thieves Reality Bites

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‘Reality Bites’ is the third single from the long awaited debut album by London based power trio City Of Thieves, entitled ‘Beast Reality’, which is released on 12th October.

The band state: "We're so excited to get this single out. It's one of the most unique songs on the album and was the last written for it, so much so we were actually still finishing it when we went into the studio. We had the chorus and it was so catchy we knew we couldn't leave it off, so included it on our 'A' list even though it wasn't finished!"

The single also boasts a memorable video, which they say “was so much fun to make. We have a great history of making music videos with our friends at Loop TV. We had a meeting where we discussed shooting concepts and initial story ideas that ended up with us talking about our favourite movies. This led to the realisation that we had so many amazing films in common that we began to construct a universe for the video which contained nods to some of them. We wanted to make something where the band always played the main protagonists, so we all appear as different characters in every scene and the video features four alternate worlds with varying degrees of dystopian degeneration based on various technologies. We hope it's the sort of video people will watch several times to catch all the Easter eggs we've hidden! Also that it will provide some great conversation in interviews!"

The buzz began spreading about City Of Thieves as soon as they made their initial debut in 2015, with early Planet Rock Radio playlist support for a now deleted EP release plus festival slots at the likes of Ramblin’ Man Fair, Bloodstock, Camden Rocks, Hard Rock Hell and Planet Rockstock.

Initially a four-piece, they slimmed down to a power trio of core members before entering the studio to record their album, explaining that this was “in order to achieve the dual purpose of cleaning up our sound to have a more modern edge and also to cope with the real world challenges of the financial cost of touring. Decisions and songwriting are now easier, as well as opportunities to meet and plan our future. We are already reaping the benefits and feel that this is something that will impact more and more bands as time goes on."

‘Beast Reality’ sees City Of Thieves working with Toby Jepson (Little Angels, The Answer, The Virginmarys). Frontman and bassist Jamie Lailey praises the acclaimed artist/producer, explaining that “we knew what we wanted to do, we’d been devouring the songwriting and if we were inclined, we could have released a ton of material out of the gate. Toby took what we had and refined it. I'm glad we sat back and digested things with him, as it was a major turning point for the band.”

With Jepson at the helm, Mike Fraser on mixing duties and mastering by Simon Francis (Kodaline, Kaiser Chiefs, Primal Scream), the group’s first full length record was in the best of hands.

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