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Jim Lauderdale-Wearing Out Your Cool

Jim Lauderdale - Wearing Out Your Cool

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Jim Lauderdale Wearing Out Your Cool

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Jim Lauderdale Drops 'Time Flies' Single, Announces 2 Albums:

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Jim Lauderdale has released a brand new single "Time Flies," which is the title track off of one of his two upcoming new albums. Readers can press play below for a taste of the Americana legend's new track, or go here to listen to the full song. "Time Flies is a collection of my latest songs, and is a different sounding record than anything I've made before," Lauderdale tells Rolling Stone Country. "The title track, 'Time Flies,' was co-written with Mando Saenz, a great singer-songwriter from Texas. We wanted to convey that feeling you get as you realize time, and lives, go by fast." Readers can press play below to watch a teaser of the anthemic song. Lauderdale recently announced the upcoming release of Time Flies, alongside a collaboration album, Jim Lauderdale and Roland White. Lauderdale originally record that project with mandolin legend White in 1979, but never released it, and the album was lost for the next four decades. Recorded in Earl Scruggs basement, more than a decade before Lauderdale's solo debut, the tracks were recently unearthed by White's wife. "I wasn’t able to get a deal for it at the time with my efforts. Several years later … I thought the time was right and called Roland to get the masters," Lauderdale shares. "Roland said, 'I thought you had them.' We couldn’t find them anywhere. A few months ago as Roland was leaving the stage after sitting in with me at the Station Inn, he said, 'I think my wife found our tape at the bottom of a box...' These two records being released on the same day are good bookends to me for the rest of my recorded work." Time Flies and Jim Lauderdale and Roland White will be released on Aug. 3. The two-time Grammy Award winner has released 29 solo albums previously, in addition to being a prolific, award-winning songwriter in the country music world. 1. "Time Flies" 2. "The Road is a River" 3. "Violet" 4. "Slow As Molasses" 5. "Where the Cars Go By Fast" 6. "When I Held The Cards" 7. "Wearing Out Your Cool" 8. "Wild On Me Fast" 9. "While You’re Hoping" 10. "It Blows My Mind" 11. "If the World’s Still Here Tomorrow" 1. "Forgive and Forget" 2. "Gold and Silver" 3. "(Stone Must Be The) Walls Built Around Your Heart" 4. "Six White Horses" 5. "I Might Take You Back Again" 6. "Try and Catch the Wind" 7. "Don’t Laugh" 8. "Regrets and Mistakes" 9. "February Snow" 10. "(That’s What You Get) For Loving Me" 11. "Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar" 12. "Nashville Blues"
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