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Black Tiger Sex Machine-Beast

Black Tiger Sex Machine - Beast

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In 2034, the world is overpopulated. The US government attempts to disseminate a virus through tainted vaccines that kill off the weak. The injection plot is discovered as the infection grows beyond the government’s control.

A German-born doctor living in the US, Dr. Kannibalen, develops an antidote for the virus in the form of a competing virus that stimulates the immune system, but news of this discovery reaches the ears of an anti-population militia that dispatches an elite team of assassins to eliminate Dr. Kannibalen.

The assassination fails. When the killers open fire on Kannibalen’s house, his wife and daughter are hit, but the Dr. escapes. Fleeing deep into the wilderness to his hidden laboratory, he becomes consumed by rage, casting blame for his family’s death on all of humankind. He becomes obsessed with cleansing the planet and reengineers his cure into an even more potent virus that he spreads through the water system. Thus the Kannibalen Virus takes over.

Kan-ni-bal-en (pronounced / kænibalən / Derived from the Spanish word for Cannibal: "Caníbalis”)

The Kannibalen disease is a viral disease that causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in infected humans. It is transmitted most commonly by saliva or blood. Once transmitted, it travels to the brain by following peripheral nerves, ultimately causing disease in the brain and in-turn resulting in the onset of severe symptoms. Once it reaches the central nervous system, and symptoms begin to show, the infection is effectively untreatable. The Kannibalen disease is extremely dangerous due to its effect on the human body and mind. Symptoms include: malaise, headache, fever, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, and periods of mania and lethargy, eventually leading to cannibalistic urges and behavior. Infected humans survive solely through the consumption of human flesh and blood, which results in an endless cycle of infection, or even death. With no cure, and the rapid spread of this disease, infected areas are bound to result in a blood-thirsty mess.

In 2036, the world’s population has fallen by 50%; most governments are on the brink of failure, with society having retreated into heavily fortified cities. Now determined to dominate the remnants of humankind, Dr. Kannibalen develops a mutation of his supervirus that turns humans into hybrid demi-zombies. The hybrids possess great speed and strength without any of the negative effects of zombification (skin decay, loss of intelligence, etc) except one: they still crave human flesh. Many humans turn to Kannibalen therapies by choice, and the Kannibalen group grows to control several important cities, installing a new techno-fascist order.

But resistance to the Kannibalen Group soons appears. Free-thinkers, renegades, rebels from all over unite under the leadership of a trio called Black Tiger Sex Machine, creating a network called the BTSM Church. For 10 years, they wage a guerrilla campaign against Kannibalen, slowly weakening the Dr.’s armies.

In 2050, Dr. Kannibalen achieves a new breakthrough. Combining advanced bio-technology with artificial intelligence, he creates an AI-powered virus that infects with purpose, mutating its hosts to even greater physical ability. The infected crave more flesh than ever-before, but can last without feeding seemingly forever. Against this new weapon, the BTSM Church has no defence, and Kannibalen takes over the entire world.

In 2053, the only humans left live underground, in decrepit old subway tunnels, sewers and cave networks. They live off insects, with only a few brave hunters going overground for food, water, or supplies. The BTSM Church is now a faint hope, forgotten by many.

A young woman who has lived in a tunnel network for most of her life yearns to see the sun again. Her father, who fought with BTSM, was killed by an AI-controlled zombie when she was a girl. He had taught her since she could walk how to fight and how to survive. Against her mother’s wishes, she joins one of the hunter groups travelling to retrieve supplies in the ruined city above. But her ultimate goal is bigger: she wants to retrieve one of the lost BTSM helmets, an emblem of the resistance, and rally the people to combat Kannibalen once again. If she succeeds and brings the helmet back, maybe she can revive the BTSM Church.


Visuals by:

Rémi Vincent:
Geoffrey Skrajewski:
Vincent Rainieri:


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