High Heels Breaker-Pusher

High Heels Breaker - Pusher

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Artist: High Heels Breaker
Title: High Heels Breaker
Cat No: DPC 048-1
Format: LP incl. CD-Cardboard / Download

High Heels Breaker represents the alter ego of Electronica producer Domenico Ferrari. The Zurich native with Italian roots, who has already performed with Jamie Lidell, returns with his new album "High Heels Breaker" after more than four years of production time. A true sound innovator, Ferrari used analogue electronics to create the sound textures for his new tracks and blended them with sophisticated beats. Inspired by soul, techno and hip hop, he has developed a unique sound with a futuristic touch. Zurich-based DJ Kalabrese and singer/songwriter Sarah Palin with her exceptional voice signed on as guest musicians. High Heels Breaker brings plenty of electronics and fat beats to his live sets and gets the crowds dancing until the heels break.

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High Heels Breaker's (aka Domenico Ferrari) focus is concentrated on electronic aspects in music. He also works as composer for movie scores, visual artists and contemporary dance companies and teaches composition and producing at Zurich University of Arts. Besides High Heels Breaker Ferrari is also producing for the electronic duo Ferrari & Tomasi. He worked with Jamie Lidell, Kalabrese, swiss rappers Big Zis and Skor among others and performed at Sonar Barcelona with the newyorcan spoken word poet Latasha N. Diggs and star drummer Jojo Mayer.
High Heels Breaker performs his live sets „solo" or as „live band" including drums, keys, electronics and visuals.

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