Canadá / Alberta / Edmonton / ICI Radio-Canada Première
ICI Radio-Canada Première

ICI Radio-Canada Première 90.1 FM

Canadá Canadá, Alberta, Edmonton 90.1 FM

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convidado 14.12.2021 21:31

My bad I kept googling and found it . Songs called Remi Wolf - Street You Live On Happy holidays Cheers 90.1 Listener

convidado 14.12.2021 21:22

Guys I just emailed you .. well left a comment. I found the song ok. Still life from Little scream. I think this is it. Kind regards ok.

convidado 14.12.2021 21:18

Oh please please please can you help me. A song came on your station early morning so around 6:55 am around 8-14 days ago with the lyrics.. I avoid the street you live on. I tried shazaam-ing it but my cell phone was in the outskirts of the city with no wifi. The shazaam didnt grab it., Please can you help me. Its a female singer and was a female radio announcer of that day I heard it. If that helps any. Happy holidays I loveeeee this station. Thanks for any help in this regard. Jim


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