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7TAS Tasman FM 97.7 FM

Austrália Austrália, Tasmania (TAS), Hobart 97.7 FM

Tasman FM 97.7 is a community radio station based on the school grounds at Nubeena. Tasman FM serves the communities of the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas; its signal can be received widely throughout South-East Tasmania.
The need for a Community Radio Station on the Tasman Peninsula became evident after the events of 28th April 1996 when 35 people lost their Lives at the hands of a gunman at the Port Arthur site. Tasman Community Broadcasters Association Inc. was established as part of the recovery process set in place by local government initiatives pursuant to that event. The Tasman municipality comprises two peninsulas having one access road via the Denison Canal at Dunalley. Tasman FM 97.7 began live broadcasting on 30th may 1999, we are located in the Tasman District School yard with broadcasters that volunteer their time to broadcast music from Country, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, new and old music and much more.

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convidado 15.09.2018 16:09

Rockin' Ron. You're doing a great job mate. How about a 15 min talkback every 2nd hour so listeners can say their piece about anything that you nominate as long as they don't use profane language? Just an idea to get the audience to interact on an already brilliant show. Thank God for the internet otherwise as an expat Taswegian, I would be homesick here in Muswellbrook NSW. Keep up the great work. I would love to be back home raising my kids in Tassie, but employment keeps me on the mainland. Any chance of you playing Stay by Oingo Boingo? If not, no worries. Anything Aus Rock will suffice. Cheers.


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