Nolans Stenemberg-Sahara (Meta4 Remix)

Nolans Stenemberg - Sahara (Meta4 Remix)

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Nolans Stenemberg Sahara (Meta4 Remix)

Opis i teksty
Release Date:
30.05.2016 (Beatport Exclusive)

Label: Tranceform
Catalognr.: TF011

1. Sahara (Meta4 Remix) [7:18]
2. Sahara (Original Mix) [7:25]

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♦ Release Description from Beatport:

Nolans Stenemberg hits tranceform with a powerful uplifter. Expect a memorable original melody, timbre, emotion and nothing but positive feeling from this track!.

Taking a more chilled approach to the remix, tranceform is pleased to announce the debut of one of the hottest collabs to come out of the UK in recent years. Displaying a solidly professional mixdown capability, meta4 prove hands down a name to keep an eye out for in future. Well processed piano keys, colourfully distinctive plucks, counter melodies, punchy kicks and a tight bottom end really define the track and it is certainly one for both live set and show play!.

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