Daze - Neuromance

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Daze Neuromance

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Daze follows up his seminal 'Lips' white label with a huge three-track EP for the core Lobster Theremin label. Traversing a bastardised series of themes that sees Jersey house blended with overdriven rave, tinker-toy acid lines slicing through shrouded doom techno and chattering hip-hop loops rolling over classic breakbeat house.

The A-side is dominated by the epic 9:09 minutes long 'Neuromance' titles track. A gritty, cyberpunk-edged number that pumps along with a staggered Jersey-style swing and rattling hats, it takes less than a minute for Daze to break the spell and bring in those serene 90's floating pads that so marked out his debut. A hammering ode to the early hours extended jam and a coming-up anthem for 2015.

The flip is shared by a pair of opposing moods.. 'Death Whirl' is pretty much exactly that. A circling drone hovering ominously over some seriously groove-battered drum programming. this could easily have been carved out as a lone drum tool but the ante's upped with a heavily gated acid line that plinks and plonks it's way over the insatiable percussive beating.

B2 'Compton' was an early contender for the Lips release, but was repositioned here as to not "over-breakbeat" the first 12"! A steady, lazy, woozy afternoon in the sun, looping into euphoria with guests acid skits, face-warming pads and that never ending breakbeat repeat.

Artist: Daze
Album: Neuromance EP
Label: Lobster Theremin
Catalog: LT012
Country: UK
Style: Techno, Breakbeat, House
Released: 10 March 2015

Production and arrangement by Brenton Smith.
Mastering by Helmut at D&M.


1. Daze - Neuromance
2. Daze - Death Whirl
3. Daze - Compton
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