Jessy J-Tropical Rain

Jessy J - Tropical Rain

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Jessy J Tropical Rain

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True Love. With these two perfectly chosen words, Jessy J has, in unveiling the title of her second Peak Records release, captured the blazing emotions of her legions of fans across the U.S. and Latin America who made her the breakout genre star of 2008.

With her sizzling mix of hot beats, Latin and samba rhythms, instantly captivating melodies and model looks, this Mexican American saxophonist/singer proved quite the sensation with her debut CD Tequila Moon--earning her such accolades as Radio and Records Debut Artist of The Year and Contemporary Jazz song of the year by R&R and Billboard for the title track, which stayed perched at #1 for an incredible eight weeks. Adding to the multi-talented artists rising star was her cover story in Jazziz Magazine, features in People Español, and JazzTimes, to name a few, plus numerous television appearances and radio interviews.

Produced by mega Contemporary and Urban Jazz hit maker, musician/guitarist and label mate Paul Brown, (who also produced Tequila Moon), one of the most remarkable aspects of True Love is Jessys ongoing commitment to her development as an artist and composer on her own terms. Backed on most tracks by Brown, keyboardist Gregg Karukas, bassist Roberto Vally, drummer Sergio Gonzalez and percussionist Richie Gajate Garcia, she puts her unique, multi-cultural stamp on an 10 track mix of vocals and instrumentals that draws from her rich Latin heritage and love for both traditional and contemporary jazz.

Jessys soul-bearing search for True Love blossoms into a full on concept that tells a playfully romantic story from start to finish. The sensual and exotic, soundscape kissed Tropical Rain forest may be the ideal location to meet that special person and have a sizzling affair that you think, in your state of euphoria, might just last Forever (whose sense of peace is conveyed through a dreamy chill and laid back funk vibe). But just when you think youve met your True Love (a balmy bolero in which Jessy turns on her seductive and swinging Jazz charms), he shows his edgy, rebellious and flirtatious side (the retro soul, Michael Jackson, Prince and Santana influenced Mr. Prince) and you wonder if hes mature enough to go the distance.

After the success of Tequila Moon, it was inevitable that many fans would ask me, ok, so whats next? Where do you go from #1? says Jessy. But I never really worried about that pressure because I knew my approach would be to simply dig deeper into my essence as a person, songwriter and musician. My goal was to convey my True Love by putting 100 percent of my heart and soul into every note, every session and every song. As the journey of this new album unfolded, I discovered something amazing, a little secret I will now share: after all this romantic searching, I realize now that my True Love is actually my lifelong passion for music. Its a joy and an honor to have the opportunity to share more and more of this with the world as the years unfold.

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