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Gavinco Silver

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Label: Houseum Records
Various Artists: Bellaire, Subjoi, Gavinco, Jesse Bru
Format: Vinyl, Digital (3 weeks later)
Cat Number: HSM001
EP Title: The Four J's
Release Date: July 2018

After reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube, the channel Houseum cross over to the next step with the launch of their new label Houseum Records. Their first release ‘The Four J’s’ features four bumping house tropes from channel regulars Bellaire, Subjoi, Gavinco and Jesse Bru. This release represents the achievement of the work done on the channel by releasing four tracks with four differing, infectious vibes.

The A side begins with Bellaire’s ‘Oh’ which is a club driven house track with a catchy loop and sensual vocals built for summer dance floors. We continue the journey with ‘Show Yourself’ by the Australian Subjoi which is a rhythmic and soothing track, punctured by a pulsating sample. A groove that is as introspective as it is joyful.

On the B side, the young English Gavinco delivers a house driven number sprinkled with jazzy notes. Trumpet and piano punctuate the rhythm of the track. We end the trip with the mesmerizing ’Setup’ produced by Jesse Bru. One that exudes a certain melancholy. A hypnotic simplicity that warms the heart.

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