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Johnny Pacheco-Que Bueno Esta El Ambiente

Johnny Pacheco - Que Bueno Esta El Ambiente

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Johnny Pacheco Que Bueno Esta El Ambiente

Descrizione e testi

"Pacheco Y Su Charanga"
Alegre Records (ASLP-8050)
EVERYONE is dancing the PACHANGA & they are dancing it to
the sounds of Johnny Pacheco's exciting Charanga Orchestra.
This young music maker's popularity has sky-rocketed in conjunction
with that of the dance which his music inspired. This event came
about in the Bronx where teenagers created the dance while seeking to
interpret the spirited rhythms played by Pacheco's Charanga.
The original concept of this form of music was implanted in the mind of
this young, Dominican born, musician @ an early age; where as a youth,
he turned in nightly to Cuban music with its characteristic violins & flute instrumentation. He emigrated to this country & grew into adolescence with
the tantalizing sound of violins & flute on his mind. While in high school &
studying electronics, he played with local groups, initially as a drummer.
And, it was as a percussionist that he first played professionally. As such,
Pacheco, has played with the most of the leading orchestras including those
of Tito Puente, Stan Kenton & Perez Prado. The first realization of his
recurrent dream came when he was singing & playing flute with Xavier Cugat.
It was not long before he was searching for musicians of similar convictions
for his own aggravation.
Then it happened...his music caught on like a brush fire & the Pachanga
was born. Now, by way of radio, TV & ALEGRE RECORDS the Pachanga
is enjoyed by dancers & listeners everywhere.
Tom Rosado
Side A
1. Con Su Bataola
2. Caramelos
3. Compay Andre
4. Triste Muneca
5. Espiritu Burlon
Side B
1. Treinta Kilos
2. Que Bueno Esta El Ambiente
3. Pare Cochero
4. En Ti, En Ti
5. Soy Guapo De Verdad
Johnny Pacheco: Leader, Flute
Jose "Chombo" Silva: Violin
Daniel Gonzalez: Violin
Carlos Piantini: Violin
Jose Andreu: Violin
Alberto Fajardo: Violin
Hector Pellot: Piano
Victor David Perez: Bass
Johnny Palomo: Conga
Manny Oquendo: Timbales
Julian Cabrera: Guiro
Lead Vocals:
Elliot Romero
Rudy Calzado
Elliot Romero
Rudy Calzado
Johnny Pacheco
Musical Arrangments by:
Johnny Pacheco
Hector Pellot
Produced by: Al Santiago
Executive Producer: Al Santiago
Recording Director: Johnny Pacheco
Album Cover Photos: Ben Perlman
Album Cover Design: Country Box & Album
Recording Engineer: Irv Greenbaum
Recorded @: Broadway Sound Studios, NYC
Special Thanks to Carlos "The Jackal" Rosario
For All The INFO.!!!
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