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Mbase - Candescence

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Mbase Candescence

Descrizione e testi
Mbase - Candescence // sunsetmelodies [SUNMEL023]
Genre: Progressive House
Release Date: 27-10-2014
Label: sunsetmelodies

01. Mbase - Candescence (Original Mix)
02. Mbase - Night Sky (Original Mix)
03. Mbase - Just You (Original Mix)

Release Info:
A warm welcome back to our label resident Mbase. With his first two releases on sunsetmelodies he showed us what melodic Progressive House is all about. His productions are always arranged in a specific touching way. So we are excited to present his new 3 track EP titled 'Candescence' The opening track 'Candescence' is just another mindblowing melodic track by Mbase. The combination of chords, melody and pads gives this track an outstanding atmosphere. The perfect track for a late summer evening as we think. The title of the second track almost tells you everything about what it is all about. 'Night Sky' is that one track you want to listen to sitting outside while taking a look up into the sky. 'Just You' is rounding up this EP really perfectly as it provides a nice variation. It comes with a slight touch of Nigel Good's style that we all know. Another track which shows us the amazing talent Mbase got.

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