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Nórdika - Beautiful Wild Flower

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Nórdika Beautiful Wild Flower

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‘Nórdika - Blut’ The brand new album from ’Nórdika’, a double disc edition, the definitive edition (GOLDEN PLATED EDITION), which includes 13 tracks on each CD.


The first disc includes 5 new unreleased tracks, and the best 8-track editing Limited "Blaues Blut" launched in September 2015, including the contributions of important artists such as Fly feat. Henrik Iversen, Illumination feat. Felix Marc (Top 8 GEWC) and Delirious Passion feat. Alex braun (Top 10 GEWC).

Disc 2 includes 13 exclusive remixes for the first time available on CD with important bands like Les Anges de la Nuit, Purple Fog Side, Ien Oblique (GEWC top 8 with the remix of illumination), Spektralized, Vanguard, Ruined Conflict, Oren Amram Pegasus Asteroid, Twisted Destiny, Requiem4FM, Want / ED.

This new album include the 5 new tracks, "Naive Love", "Feed My Obsessions (All is Justified)," Poisoned (Feeling Your Skin) "," Never Enough "," Butterfly Defect ". These tracks were kept especially for this double disc edition, which comes by ScentAir Records from Russia.
Mixed, recorded and mastered in Mexico in Aquo Rec Records, written and produced by Héctor A. Marin, vocalist and producer known as "Alex Nórdika”.

In this album the sound of the band is consolidated in a concept that evolves into more gothic trends while safeguarding the fine sound and melancholic melodies. The band want this time, playing deeper fibers, while most get close to the dance floor.

This album completely in English, is a gift of this band Synthpop / Futurepop born in 2008 for all those fans around the world who wanted to hear more of this band in the most universal language, without losing essence. Nórdika try this album contribute their part to the best of techno electronic music made from America to the world.


Music, lyrics, voices, production by Héctor A. Marin R. (Alex Nórdika)

Recorded in Aquo Rec Records México

Released by ScentAir Records Russia
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