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Aristakes Song for Guy

Descrizione e testi
Aristakes, full name Aristakes Jessayan, was born in Athens, Greece. As a 3-year-old he moved to the Netherlands with his parents, originally of Armenian descent, where he started piano lessons at the early age of 7. From 1974 onwards he has been performing as a pianist and singer at various parties throughout Holland and many other countries.

His first single “Sentimental song” became AVRO’s Radio- and TV-tip off (AVRO is a Dutch broadcasting company) and was reasonably popular even though the record never made the Top 40. In the early 80s, Aristakes díd make it into the Top 40 with songs like "Don't wanna live without you" and "Kom in mijn armen" (come into my arms) a duet with Ciska Peters (a well-known Dutch singer).

In 1992, Aristakes also released a beautiful album with piano-music, produced by Hans van Hemert. He plays a number of famous pieces on this CD for which Aristakes edited and played all the instruments himself!

An entertainer at heart, he knows how to please the audience in his own particular way; his repertoire can be described as pretty much all-round. His specialty would really be Neil Diamond and in some cases he is even known as the Dutch Neil Diamond! Aristakes also likes to perform and cover Elton John, Billy Joel, Charles Aznavour, Frank Sinatra, Ronan Keating, Michael Bublé, Sting, Robbie Williams and others alike.

Aristakes has always kept very busy as a pianist and singer, performing at all sorts of events. No one will be surprised to see a very experienced entertainer.

In October 2005, Aristakes decided to produce another record! The album, called “The Winetheatre”, is a true reflection of what he loves to do most: playing the piano and singing. For this album he went back to basics, all natural sounds and no other instrumental influences. All tracks for this album were recorded in one take at the studio. This album is pure Aristakes through and through!

“The Winetheatre” is a lovely album, creating a beautiful ambiance, but also landing it at #22 in the Album Top 100 out of nowhere! This really brought Aristakes’ popularity back to life. The album also features his own written song "We both know it". Because the album turned out such a success, Aristakes decided to re-produce the track. This captivating and funky song proved its worth by entering at #34 in the Top 100!

The last years have been eventful for the versatile artist as he released some magnificent tracks as: "Song for peace", "Oceans of love" and "Sail". After this he performed in the USA and even in Dubai.

New recent developments resulted in a huge career boost. After an update of his social networks and website by Ultimate Management, Aristakes got an invitation by the famous Dutch Radio/TV host Tineke de Nooij for a live interview in The Tineke Show at Radio 5 Nostalgia. After this Aristakes received many positive reactions from his fans. He also started a musical cooperation with the famous pianist Jan Vayne under the name "20 Fingers, 1 Voice!". The first live appearance of both virtuoso performers will be very soon.
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