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Darryl Evan Jones-Unstoppable (Radio Mix)

Darryl Evan Jones - Unstoppable (Radio Mix)

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Darryl Evan Jones Unstoppable (Radio Mix)

Descrizione e testi
Darryl Evan Jones' instrument of choice is the flute; an elegant, versatile instrument that richly expresses his unique style described simply as "Instrumental Soul". Darryl boldly brings this otherwise delicate, passive instrument into a genre normally dominated by saxophonists. His passion and emotion are readily apparent to all who hear him. Shattering expectations and pre-conceived notions of what he and his flute should sound like, audiences find themselves overtaken by the sheer beauty of his musical expression.

A native of the South Bronx, Darryl's parents encouraged his early interest in music as a means to counteract the lure of the streets. Darryl was first introduced to the flute when he was only eight years old. He was soon enrolled in private lessons at a very prestigious lower Manhattan school. His father removed him from the school almost as quickly as he enrolled him, after being told he was wasting his money. The instructors insisted Darryl was too small and would never learn to play the flute. Soon, he was enrolled at another school, and continued his technical training. As Darryl's musical interests grew, he was introduced to many different genres, beginning with Classical music. He became a featured member of the Park-wide band in the Northeast Bronx Education Park, as well as the Bronx Borough-wide Band. These experiences afforded Darryl the honor of performing with the finest young musicians in the Bronx at a concert in Carnegie Hall. Though he was a fluent reader and writer of music, Darryl was mostly known for the intense passion he was able to express. Even people who wouldn't normally listen to instrumental music, found themselves intoxicated with his sound. Music is as much a part of Darryl as breathing. With the exception of a hiatus while pursuing interests in semi-pro football and amateur bodybuilding, Darryl continued to expand his musical mind in his early teens and twenties. He found himself discovering and respecting the nuances and challenges presented by Gospel, Blues, and Funk; while mastering the flute. As time passed, Darryl continued to immerse himself in music, becoming a member of different R&B bands throughout the Northeast. Demand for his instrumental soul continues to increase, as more audiences are afforded the opportunity to experience his beautiful sound.

Darryl Evan Jones' musical journey has included note-worthy performances as the opening act for Boney James, Kindred, and Kem, as well as venues like the Cannon Center in Memphis TN, the Capital Jazz Festival, and the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts. Along the way, he's performed in coffee houses, churches, theaters, and festivals. One of Darryl's most memorable moments is when he took his flute along with him, as he attended a Jeffrey Osborne concert, in Providence, Rhode Island. As is customary at these concerts, Mr. Osborne went into the crowd during a performance of "You Should Be Mine", seeking audience members to sing along. Recognizing the opportunity to share his talent, Darryl assembled his flute, and walked down the aisle to the R&B crooner - to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Given an impromptu solo, Darryl quickly brought the crowd to a fevered pitch, and even had them chanting his name when he was done with his musical interlude. Not only was his display appreciated by ticket holders, but to Al Jarreau, and the late Grover Washington, Jr. as well.

Darryl's finest work to date is a CD titled "Dream", a textured and soulful compilation of original and original versions of popular songs. Of fourteen tracks, all but two are original works. "Dream is my opportunity to share my musical soul; to demonstrate my love for a myriad of musical styles", explains Darryl. "My inspiration for the CD comes from the courage it takes to actually have the audacity to realize your dream. I walked away from one career (commercial aircraft mechanic), to achieve my dream in music.

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