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Soraia Quicksand

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Director: Lee Chernowetz

Camera Operators: Jordan Muthra, Johnny Celentano, Lee Chernowetz

When an octopus loses one of its eight arms, it regrows the missing appendage in a matter of weeks. This mysterious capacity for creativity and rejuvenation under the sea symbolically presents itself again and again in the songs of Dead Reckoning, the take-no-prisoners debut Wicked Cool Records album by Soraia being released October 13.

“Dead Reckoning is a nautical term meaning that you know where you are in the ocean based not on your location on a map but on where you've already been,” says Soraia singer ZouZou Mansour. “I may not know exactly where I'm headed, but these lyrics are all about who I am today — the good, bad and ugly.”

Longtime Rolling Stone editor David Fricke has also attested to his fandom, testifying, “Searing guitars, burning soul and true CBGB grit: Soraia are the rock you need, in your face right now.”

The group made the trek up the New Jersey Turnpike in early 2017 to record Dead Reckoning at Van Zandt’s Renegade Nation Studios in downtown New York City. Steven personally produced two of the tracks, one that he wrote for them (“Why”) and the other an obscure Prince cover, “Wow.” The band co-produced the rest of the record with the guidance of Geoff Sanoff [Fountains Of Wayne, Dashboard Confessional]. Finishing touches were provided by boldface studio names: mixes for the Steven-produced tracks by Bob Clearmountain [Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones] and mastering by Bob Ludwig [David Bowie, Neil Young].

As the next release in Wicked Cool Records’ partnership with The Orchard as distributor, Dead Reckoning positions Soraia as an artist to watch. Their rising ambitions are reflected in new horizons they’re setting out to conquer, such as their first European shows, slated for Spain and Germany this fall.

SORAIA is: ZouZou Mansour: lead vocal; Mike Reisman: lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals; Travis Smith: bass, backing vocals; Brianna Sig: drums, percussion, backing vocals
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