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1.FM - Otto's Baroque Music

1.FM - Otto's Baroque Music

Svizzera Svizzera, Zug

1.FM’s Otto's Baroque Musick is bringing to you the sounds of the baroque era (ca. 1600-1750) for your listening pleasure. You will hear music by some of the greatest composers ever, like JS Bach, Handel, Scarlatti or Telemann. So called minor...

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London Baroque-BACH WF
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London Baroque - BACH WF
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SCARLATTI - Pletnev, piano
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ospite 18.02.2021 13:06

Dear Otto Baroque, finally, I found the radio of my life, with great music! It is not interrupted by incompetent comments about it or about the weather. The great music is not overlaid by the second-hand one. It is it, and I am very happy, not looking for anything else. So I will follow it no matter what. Yet, I have a suggestion, which can make it even better for me. It is related to the moments when one piece ends and the next one starts. Usually, there is a respectful stop between the two. But sometimes the next one starts before the first one ends. This looks to me not to be a nice idea. I think that out of respect to the great music a few seconds stop before the next piece would be appropriate. But do not get me wrong; I will stay with you no matter what! Thank you very much!With best wishes, Senya



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