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Meditationz Radio (Meditationz Media Network)

Meditationz Radio (Meditationz Media Network)

Welcome to Meditationz Media Network ~ A Revolutionary Media Presence! Enjoy a Revolutionary, Border-less, Expansive Global Media Presence with MMN. Welcome to Reality Radio! Our radio station caters to both ends of the listening spectrum, providing both easy listening for hard-core music lovers and listeners who value interaction and reality radio. Enjoy a Revolutionary, Border-less, Expansive Global Media Presence with Radio-Active Meditationz Media Network (Meditationz Radio). We are multi-genre TRANSCENDENTAL, Contemporary Radio, broadcasting & presenting INFORMATION, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, MEDITATION, MOTIVATION, GREAT MUSIC & LIFE TO THE WORLD! MMN merges Interaction, Versatility & Reach with Communication, Content & Reality talk shows. We're Dynamic, Real-time Radio broadcasting media which truly matters! Less Talk, More Music at night, Meditationz Radio RADIO-ACTIVE radio delivers TALK and MEDIA which matters during the day! We gift you with DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE, REALITY RADIO, a seamlessly natural merger of engaging communication, content, LIVE broadcasting and real-time programming you can relate to. MMN's Revolutionary, Transcendental Meditationz Radio is radio with a difference. Don't you touch that clicker! There's lots lined up to keep you engaged, informed and ecstatic. We feature global variety talk shows, programmes and live shows, playing great music! MMN offers expansive, international reach and convenience of not only modern Internet Radio, but also Digital Television Broadcasts, enhanced Podcasts and LIVE streaming converged under a single media roof, representing a global umbrella. At its roots, a St. Lucian-registered media house encapsulating Iyanola’s tropical, quintessential charm, beauty and cultural essence, what makes Meditationz Media Network (MMN) exclusive, different and sets us apart is that we up the media anti, extending our reach beyond local and Caribbean borders and cater to a vast international audience. With our high recognition and respect for digital and technological advancement, MMN removes geographic and cultural barriers, embracing and representing a global melting pot. We recognise and honour the needs of EVERYONE (Global Citizens); a Caribbean diaspora, non-patriots and a globally rich, diverse and dense pool, with a collective yearning to experience unrestricted global broadcasting oneness void of cultural separation and limitations due to location constraints. We ARE a welcomed breath of fresh air for EVERYONE; a tri-fold audience; LOCAL, REGIONAL and ACROSS THE GLOBE! Meditationz Media Network (MMN) is an ALL-INCLUSIVE legally registered complete-range media house/ company providing holistic service packages in General and niche Marketing, Public Relations & the Media, through our registered sister entity “House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music”. Our full-service range portfolio and menu comprises the provision of across-the-board Production Services, Music-related and Recording Services through our registered recording label, Disk Jockeying Services, Sound System Rental, Event, Show Hosting and Master of Ceremony services. We also provide a PREMIUM, EXCLUSIVE entertainment experience through our “Nu Vybz X-PERIENCE” Entertainment Brand which includes provision of LIVE band, Fire Eaters, Dancers, Theatre Art, Home-Grown, Regional & International Artistes/Performers for engagements, all ideal for both corporate and social events. We ideally and conveniently cater to all your corporate/ business service and personal promotions and facilitate ON-DEMAND your Live Social Media and Website Broadcast coverage needs. In addition to these, we provide a VASTLY comprehensive Visual Advertising option, through both our digital/ online television network and our sister brand media outlets such as our digital magazines “In the SpotLyght Feature Magazine” (soon in print form) and “The Holistic Life Portal,” through which clients are welcome to advertise whatever they deem fit for their business or venture. Our social networking platform “The Collective Chord Global Creative Community,” also further adds an energetic boost to our dynamic reach. A massive range of auxiliary services serves as the icing on the MMN cake, available to you through our sister business Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL). To further complement our holistic provision to you, our signature sister Brand Marketing platforms cater to globally diverse and unnumbered listeners, viewers, subscribers and followers through our collaborative methods and partnership with affiliate companies and brands. THIS is the Meditationz Media module strength and that exclusive factor which ideally positions us to PERFECTLY represent you as a media entity. MMN’s vast digital presence via our unique business chain is fueled by our E-broadcast Platforms, allowing us full efficiency, functionality and dependability in respect to ‘Full Coverage Audio, and Visual Content Broadcasting’. Our programming package is one we dub “The MMN Global Kaleidoscope of Content” which caters to audiences throughout the world. It encapsulates programming indicative of our MMN variety, with a range of diverse programmes delivered by our multi-national journalists, appealing to an international audience. Meditationz Media Network (MMN) represents a colourful, culturally diverse media identity. This authentic media ID is consistently reflected in MMN’s FRESH, MODERN and DYNAMIC programming and show line-up, each being both delivered and executed with meticulous, individual flare, class and style by our team of vibrant hosts, hostesses, presenters and personalities. THIS IS that unique factor which resonates with the MMN Brand, as we cater to our dedicated audience. The brand is rooted in SUBSTANCE, QUALITY, CLASS and CONTENT; with this, our broadcasting will be expedited with CHIC FLARE, QUALITY and CONSISTENCY, as we aim to deliver EDUCATIONAL, INFORMATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINMENT content. What better reason to feature your cause, business, event, venture or occasion through our advertisement platforms? You have at your disposal the easiest way for YOUR BRAND to be recognised! CHECK OUT MEDITATIONZ MEDIA'S MEDITATIV SESSIONZ: MEDITATIV SESSIONZ is our signature counseling programme, specialising in life coaching, general counseling, advise, holistic guidance seminars and personal sessions conducted by experienced team of authentic life coaches. This initiative functions through our “Holistic Life Community & School Outreach Programme.” Learn more here and connect with us.



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