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CKHC Radio Humber 96.9 FM

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Radio Humber 96.9fm broadcasts live from the campus of Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto Canada and features the talent of student in the School of Media Studies & Information Technology.Radio Humber is Canada's first "All Canadian" radio station. Our mandate is to train broadcasters and journalists.

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Hanging On A Line-Begonia
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Hanging On A Line - Begonia
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Fallen Star ft. Y2K - Bolsen
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ospite 14.12.2018 02:33

this. is a great show ,, but need to play some old fart music too. Just saying

ospite 14.12.2018 01:31

My son studies radio at Humber and all the family is proud of him.It seems he is always paired with a good team and I believe they compliment each other. All are doing a great job , Rock On people


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