WOW FM 100.5 FM

Australia Australia, South Australia (SA), adelaide 100.5 FM

WOW FM is a community radio station in Semaphore, South Australia. WOW FM plays all genres of music so there is something for everyone from easy listening, country, rock and roll during the day to hip hop, dance, trance, techno, drum and bass into the evening and night time! Broadcasting 24/7 across the western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia on 100.5 MHz on your FM radio tuner as well as streaming online. As a community station WOW FM has a diverse range of volunteers from all walks of life! Young and old there really are no limits to what you can find on WOW FM!



WOW FM 100.5PO Box 96, Semaphore SA 5019

  • Email:
  • Telefono: 08 8449 3007

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