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French Skies-Invictus (Tuomas.L Remix)

French Skies - Invictus (Tuomas.L Remix)

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French Skies Invictus (Tuomas.L Remix)

Description et paroles

TFB Records has the honor of presenting its 69th release, a huge work by French Skies called Invictus; including original mix and three excellent remixes.

Firstly, we face the original mix, a track of a vast power. Unbelievable tech trance sound will flood our minds since the very beginning. A sligthly distorted melody will help to the powerful sensation; and also, a dark voice enhances the bassline. When the brakdown comes, an oasis appears between the desert, a magnificent mirage of peace and beauty, which is led by an emotional voice, with a clearly arabic taste. A delightful breakdown. A short uplift, representing the calm before the storm, gives way for the wildest part of the song, where we will find an even greater power than before. All the components of the song will appear on this crazy ending. An unbeatable and awesome work by French Skies. A song for all those real lovers of the full energy trance.

First remix has been produced by Dark Air. This producer has taken the song into a deeper level, where the character of the bassline takes more presence, gathered with a perfectly built progression. The presence of the beautiful voice has also been increased, which enhances a lot the whole atmosphere of the song. The breakdown is a masterpiece of beauty, with a lot of mistery and a tense atmosphere, which progress into the uplift, achieving a great sensation. After it, the climax will explode with all its power but keeping the dark elements that make this song a so serious work of uplifting music. Very great remix, with a different taste from the original, produced by Dark Air.

Second remix comes by the hand of Farzam, and he has really changed the character of the song. The atmosphere and the bassline have gotten a lot of dark and almost psychedelic elements. Power is still highly represented, but the atmosphere takes over it, with its stunning sounds and melodies. Farzam has rebuilt the breakdown into a serious piece of pure beauty, with a very soft atmosphere led by an incredible vocal. But, quickly we will get surrounded by a vast mix of sounds, which will progress fast into a magnificent uplift. The explotion that comes after is just epic, showing all the power of the song and all the sounds that form its soul, it is astonishing. Here we have the darkest remix, produced by Farzam.

The final remix is signed by Tuomas.L, and we will find on it a great uplifting track, with a powerful bassline and a marvelous progression. The soul of the song has also been turned into dark and deep, but it focus on the power of the bassline and on its changes. Breakdown comes and everything calms down, the angelical voice appear with a mysterious orchestra which makes the tension. But suddenly, it stops and a crazy uplift grows, carrying us into the wild climax where we won't be able to resist dancing. A final little surprise is hidden between the vast power of this song. This remix has kept the power from the original and it has added more changes and progression, a really amazing work by Tuomas.L


01. French Skies - Invictus (Original Mix)
02. French Skies - Invictus (Dark Air Remix)
03. French Skies - Invictus (Farzam Remix)
04. French Skies - Invictus (Tuomas.L Remix)

Release date: 11.04.2014 Beatport Exclusive & 25.04.2014 other stores
Catalog#: TFB069

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