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I've tried three types of blueberry yogurt within the last week and the Brown Cow Blueberry Yogurt is by far my favorite. I didn't get any of the sour-milk bite in this yogurt. It was just sweet, yogurty and delicious. I very much recommend this yogurt.

In fact, I like it so much that I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to shop at the Super 1 store in downtown Post Falls, Idaho, where I bought this yogurt last week. They have a great natural foods section... all conveniently located in one aisle with a freezer, refrigeration section, and some bins as well. I appreciate that so much, as practically everything I eat could come under the natural foods label. That's where I got this yogurt; the other not-so-natural yogurts are on the other side of the store in the dairy section.

I loved the packaging too, especially the message from a brown cow (supposedly) named Lily. Cute packaging counts for a lot for this old lady yogurt eater.

I remember my very first yogurt ever. My family was not into eating yogurt so when my friend, Leslie, suggested we get yogurt at the Lucky Store in El Sobrante, it was a FIRST for me. I chose blueberry yogurt that day, and it is still my favorite flavor of yogurt, to this day.

We were teenagers now, and today we're much older. Funny how that works. But yogurt is still a popular food item, almost everywhere.

So that day I opened my first-ever blueberry yogurt, and it was white... and Leslie told me I had to stir it to get the fruit from the bottom.

In years since then I've been dismayed to find yogurt with the fruit already mixed in. It seems less real, and certainly less natural. To all you yogurt makers out there, I protest! Let us stir in our own fruit. Please!!

I was thrilled to see that this Brown Cow yogurt preserved the fruit at the bottom of the yogurt.

I really can't say enough to tell you how much I enjoyed this yogurt. It is the best I've had in recent years... and I've tried a lot of natural yogurt varieties.

I've kind of shied away from the not-so-natural yogurts because I found out they were putting red food coloring in there that is made from an insect in Mexico. As a long-time vegetarian, I don't want food colorings made from insects infesting my food that I'd otherwise believe fit nicely into a vegetarian (not vegan) diet.

I was surprised at the yellow food coloring listed on the package of this blueberry yogurt... a food coloring made from carrots. Okay, I see that it is natural, and that's cool, but do we really need anything in there to make blueberry yogurt look purple, other than blueberries?
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