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Eruption-I Can't Stand the Rain

Eruption - I Can't Stand the Rain

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Eruption I Can't Stand the Rain

Description et paroles
CD Album (Remastered & Expanded, 2016):

Official page:
Eruption (biography):
Formed:1974 in London
Genre: R&B, Pop, Disco
Active: 70s, 80s

Original Members of Eruption:
Precious Wilson (lead singer 1974-79)
Leslie Johnson (lead singer 1974-75)
Greg Perrineau (guitar)
Morgan Perrineau (bass)
Horacio McKoy (keyboards)
Gerry Williams(keyboards)
Eric Kingsley (drums)

Additional singers:
Kim Davis (lead singer 1980)
Jane Jochen (lead singer 1980-85)


Eruption was formed in 1974 in London by vocalist Precious Wilson, lead guitarist Greg Perrineau, bassist Morgan Perrineau, keyboardist Gerry Williams, and drummer Eric Kingsley.

Wilson was born in Jamaica and she moved with her family to Great Britain at the age of seven. The other members of the band came from different parts of the Caribbean and Africa.

In 1975, their winning of an RCA Soul Search Contest in England brought them a record deal and their first single Let Me Take Your Back in Time (1976) figured prominently in the soul charts.

In 1977, Boney M.s producer Frank Farian was introduced to Eruption by his talent scout Hans-Jorg Mayer, who then took them under his wing and signed the group to Germany-based Hansa Records. Their 1978 cover of I Cant Stand the Rain was a big hit internationally; reaching number five in Britain and number 18 in the U.S. (as N6 in the club charts). The success was sealed with One Way Ticket, which went to number nine in the U.K. the following year.

Precious Wilson left the group in 1979 to pursue a solo career and was replaced by singer Kim Davis. The group went on to recorded their third album Fight Fight Fight. Shortly after, tragedy hit when Kim Davis was killed in a car accident. The band decided to continue and singer Jane Jochen stepped in. A new recording, a cover of Del Shannon's Runaway was released in December 1980 and peaked at N21 in the German charts.

After a compilation album in the spring of 1981 and the single release of You (You Are My Soul) from Fight Fight Fight, the band signed to Ralph Siegels Jupiter Records.

Eruption featuring Jane Jochen. 1981 single In a 1000 Years

After the final single Where Do I Begin from the Album Our Way in 1985, the group disbanded and the rest of the group went their separate ways in the mid-80s.

In 1994 Farian released the CD 'Eruption Gold' which actually only featured seven Eruption titles (all were remixed), all other 13 tracks were all Precious Wilson solo tracks, from her solo Albums.

Precious Wilson is the official and legal owner of the trade mark Eruption. She is the only member of the original line-up, who is still active.

Though successful as a solo artist, Precious also tours under the name Eruption with her new group, as well as promoting her solo and projects.
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