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These Creatures may just be the real deal.
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You hear about them around campfires, chalked up mostly to being urban legends and myths. But what if there’s truth behind the story’s of beasts living among us? The next five on this list are some of the most mysterious and awesome tales around, And may just make a believer out of you yet. These are the top 5 cryptids and creatures from around the world.

5. The Bunyip

Because of its unique geography Australia has evolved to contain some of the most deadly and unique wildlife on the planet. And One such creature that’s said to exist there is called the "Bunyip."

Dismissed by some as aboriginal lore, early English settlers to the continent have recorded hundreds of sightings of this unusual creature. The bunyip is believed to be mainly a freshwater dweller that over the years has developed a taste for human flesh. It’s attacked people and believed to have killed a handful of aborigines over the years.

4. Dinosaur in Papua New Guinea

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures. We love watching movies like Jurassic Park where the idea of living, breathing dinosaurs co-existing with man is made into a reality. Cocodiles and sharks lived when the dinasours did and still exist today. So is it possible there’s other Dinasours that survived extinction as well?

In Papua New Guinea, many believe that dinosaurs still continue to live on their many islands. Eyewitness reports have been going strong for years and There are two distinct speices that have been spotted. The first of these is the Ropen.

3. The Grey Man

Also known as "Am Fear Liath Mòr" in Scottish, the Grey Man is described as a huge humanoid creature that haunts anybody attempting the summit or the passes of Ben MacDhui - the second highest peak in Scotland.

Many have reported being haunted by the Grey Man but only a few can actually describe him. Those who have, mention he’s around 8 to 10 feet tall with olive skin and short gray hair, hence its name. Cryptozoologists believe it's more related to a Yeti because it lives in the mountains, as opposed to the Sasquatch.

More than that,its presence is often described as a physical sensation instead of an actual physical form. The first prominent account of the Grey Man comes from noted climber J. Norman Collie in 1891.

2. The Lochness Monster

Perhaps no other cryptid is as popular as the Lochness Monster. Nicknamed "Nessie," this mysterious aquatic creature reportedly inhabits Lake Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

The Lochness monster has been described as having a huge body with a long neck and either one or two humps that protrude from the water whenever it surfaces.

The first report of a creature existing in was in 565 AD. The biography of Irish monk St. Columba details how a giant "water beast" tried to drag a man to his death in the River Ness. But it wasn't until 1933 when a road was being created alongside the river that sightings really began to rise.

1. Orang Pendek

Considered by many as the "Mini Bigfoot," the Orang Pendek is a mysterious creature that's been regularly sighted by locals in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Meaning "short person," the Orang Pendek is described by anthropologists and cryptozoologists as a primate-like creature with thick reddish brown fur. It stands on two legs and features humanoid characteristics but is only around 3 feet in hight. But despite its small stature, it's said to have enormous strength and can easily uproot small trees with ease. Even though it's classified as a primate, it spends most of its time on the ground just like gorillas.

Locals also believe the Orang Pendek is primarily vegetarian because it's been seen in fields of their crops and even has a special affinity to the Durian fruit. However they admit to staying out of its way because of its brute strength.


As technology advances and populations grow, the world is becoming a smaller place. So It could be any day now when we finally prove these cryptids- and perhaps more of their kind – truly exist.
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