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Biosphere Spindrift

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Official stream from Touch. Distributed by Kudos Records.
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Album: Shenzhou [ALBUM]
Track: 2 of 12
Title: Spindrift
Artist: Biosphere
Label: Touch
Cat#: TO55
Digital Release: 27th May 2002
Physical Release: 27th May 2002

About This Release:

Shenzou is Biosphere's (Geir Jenssen) third release for Touch.

Biosphere's early releases for R&S are often quoted, along side 'The Orb' and 'The Aphex Twin', as the starting point of the Ambient explosion of the early '90s. The strong sales of Biosphere's more recent releases on Touch demonstrates his loyal fan base.

Geir, who hails from Tromso, (Northern Norway, inside the Artic Circle) has contributed music to the movie The Mothman Prophecies, (starring Richard Gere), and numerous independent features. His work has been used extensively on European TV and for theatre and dance. He tours regularly with the highly successful Touch 2001+ tour, which has just sold out the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Shenzou is based on the orchestral work of Claude Debussy.

Shenzou comes in a digipack format, with cover photography and design by John Wozencroft.

Selected Discography:
Substrata 2 [Touch # TO:50, 2001]
Cirque [Touch # TO:46, 2000]
Insomnia [Indigo, 1997]
Substrata [All Saints, 1997]
Patashnik [R&S, 1994]
Microgravity [R&S, 1991]

What they said about Cirque and Substrata 2:

'To call Substrata a good album is an understatement. It has been described as one of the finest Ambient albums of the Nineties. As far as I'm concerned you can scrub out the bit about the Nineties...'

'Lucid dreaming in the form of sound, immense and grandiose in its scope' [XLR8R, USA]

' of the most beautiful ambient albums ever recorded' [Other Music, USA]

' is the textures, gentle beats, chilled out samples that give Biosphere's music such a unique atmosphere.' [The Sheffield Telegraph, UK]

'Cirque is one of the finest pieces of chill-out music to come out in years.' [Exclaim, Canada]'

Reviews for This Release:

"Biosphere's Gier Jenssen is 'the daddy' of Norwegian electronica. But rather than beat you about the head he soothes you into submission with gentle orchestral sounds ('Shezou' is based on the works of Claude Debussy), ominous pagan muzak and deceptive simplicity. Like telling ghost stories in a remote and unfamiliar place, it's somehow scary and comforting. ****" - Tom Mugridge (Musik)

""aestetically close to Wolfgang Voights Gas project...4 1/2 out of 5" Editor , Albert Koch "monthly favourite"" - Albert Koch (Musikexpress)

""warm, meditative"" - Sonic Seducer:

""wonderful. Light as a feather. Biosphere as great as ever: - 5 out of 5"" - De.Bug:

""Incredibly together and an absolute pleasure 5 out of 6"" - Raveline

": "Sketches of unbelivable fragile beauty.....Biosphere treat the
heritage of Debussy with excellence"" - Beam me Up:

""relaxation music of the better kind, as it is not desperately
pushing for lightness 3 out of 5"" - Westzeit

" "incredibly dense much unusual as it is expressive"" - Zillo:

Since the release of "Patashnik", on the R&S offshoot Apollo, in 1994, plenty of artists have tried, but none have come close, to making such overwhelming ambient music, as Norway's Geir Jenssen, alias Biosphere. With "Shenzou" he's made another classic, pushing the bounderies further, with orchestral like compositions, layering electronic waves, taking the listener to pastures new, as you gently drift on a sea of mixed emotions. With titles such as "Spindrift", "Heatleak", "Twooceanplateau" & "Thermalmotion", this is definitely not the hard sell package tour, of chill out Ibiza comps, "Shenzhou" is much much more than that, it's the open mindedness & isolation of Biosphere, living inside the Artic Circle.
6" - DEAN THATCHER (7 Magazine)

"An undoubted latter day ambient maestro Geir Jenssen new Biosphere LP takes him further into masterly ambient territories. Based on the work of Debussy, 'Shenzou', as with much of Jenssen?s work invites favourable comparisons with both Eno and Tomita. His ability to create tension and dynamism with the most sparse of structures and beatless excursions is superb. Ignore those TV ads, this is the real chill out." - Joe90 (Teletext)
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