BROKEN TOY / High Tech Low Life (Earthling Remix)
BROKEN TOY-High Tech Low Life (Earthling Remix)

BROKEN TOY - High Tech Low Life (Earthling Remix)

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BROKEN TOY High Tech Low Life (Earthling Remix)

Descripción y letras
DALA has compiled a slamming selection of the finest funkadelic groove masters from around the globe. Each tune has been carefully selected to add its own special sacred vibe towards the greater journey of transcendence into higher states in the most fun way possible...enjoy this trip ;-p

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Artist: DALA
Label: Nano Records
Cat no.: nanodigi048
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 08 September 2014

Track Listing:

01. Shekinah - We are Gone
02. Ilai - Burning Mountain //Earthspace Remix//
03. Mechanimal & Lucas O’Brien - Mind Blower
04. Groove Addict - Sublime
05. Pragmatix - Devils Dance
06. Ital - Human Development
07. Martian Arts & Black Noise - Time Paradox
08. Master Blasters - Tectonic
09. Broken Toy - High Tech Low Life //Earthling Remix//
10. Virtual Light & Random - Disclosure
11. Cylon - Trick or Cheat
12. Chromatone & AudioUnit - End of Days
13. Aphid Moon & Tron - Cycloplex
14. Dickster - Little World //Audioform Remix//
15. Hypnoise - Trance’n Dance

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Blasting since 2001 and dedicated to promoting only the best psychedelic trance from around the world, NANO is constantly ahead of the pack with new sounds and quality music.

As one of the most respected PsyTrance labels on the planet NANO has a terrifyingly strong artist roster that includes many of the most popular artists on the global scene, including: Tristan, Loud, Avalon, Dickster, Laughing Buddha, The Commercial Hippies, Headroom, Skyfall, Symbolic, D-Addiction, Broken Toy, Altruism, Burn In Noise, Circuit Breakers, Outside the Universe, Future Frequency, Groove Addict, Allaby, Killerwatts, Master Blasters, Pogo, Shayman, Sad Paradise, AMD, DJ Dala and head honcho; Regan.

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