Flying Horseman / Sunsets
Flying Horseman-Sunsets

Flying Horseman - Sunsets

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With "Night Is Long", Flying Horseman have created their most varied and colourful album to date. Flying Horseman's fourth release abounds with contrast and offers everything from highly compact, recognisable songs to the most epic and experimental tracks the band has yet unleashed. And more than ever, we are witness to a sextet with its own unique sound. With frontman Bert Dockx’s shadowy lyrics and impassioned delivery as a recurring point of reference, "Night Is Long" takes you on a musical journey that goes far beyond the land of the conventional rock song. Exotic grooves, claustrophobic post-punk, Eno-like ambient, Gothic Americana and cosmic improvisations: all these elements and more conspire to form a unique, mysterious blend, to which their longstanding producer Koen Gisen brings a deep, rich sound.
"Night Is Long" surprises, astonishes and impresses.

As urgent and uncompromising as ever, Flying Horseman has composed a new chapter in their unique story in the annals of music.
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