Pfirter & Chris Liebing-420

Pfirter & Chris Liebing - 420

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Released by: MindTrip

Release/catalogue number: MT 08

Release date: Aug 4, 2014

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MindTrip is pleased to introduce Part 2 of its new various artists series ‘From The Lab to The Club’. For this EP, 4 artists – both established and emerging - were selected to contribute music which embodies the spirit of the series.
This release opens in the strongest possible way, with 2 of techno’s heaviest hitters, Chris Liebing and Pfirter joining forces to produce the driving, heavy and hypnotic ‘420’. Notably, this track signals a welcome return to production for Chris Liebing and shows his ability to create strong, dancefloor techno has
not diminished. Next up is the highly talented Japanese producer Yuuki Sakai (Subsist, Warm Up Records) with ‘Ballat’, a relentless, percussive track enhanced by subtle, textured elements.
There is no letup on the B side, which opens with the mysterious Obscure Shape’s ‘Back in Black’. This track promises to yield an intense and building atmosphere, which almost – but not quite – threatens to kill all those who dare to defy its menacing sounds. This strong release is completed with a contribution from UK producer Dax J entitled ‘Revelations’. Make no mistake, this is an intense, compelling track, which builds with a strength which is not for the faint hearted.

All rights reserved for the producers of these tracks.
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