John & Beverley Martyn / Give Us a Ring
John & Beverley Martyn-Give Us a Ring

John & Beverley Martyn - Give Us a Ring

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Add "&fmt=18" for the stereo version. Written by Paul Wheeler.

Well now. What's the food like? Have you slept well? And do the bugs bite other people? And did the banker give you money? And I saw, for on the postcard, that you wrote it on a beach or on your pillow. Or on a book or something stiff. Give us a ring when you get back. Try to bring me something back. With the customs man, make sure you don't get caught. With the things that you bought. Jeffrey bought a cactus for the kitchen. And the rabbit's been complaining. And we sat out on the lawn. Well now. Have to go to catch the postman. Cause I'm going to the pictures. Lots of love. I bet you're brown.
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