Logophonic / Little Pieces
Logophonic-Little Pieces

Logophonic - Little Pieces

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Logophonic Little Pieces
Descripción y letras
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From Little Little Pieces LP, released by Music Is The Weapon 2013 ( www.musicistheweapon.pl )

Written and directed by: Paweł Klein and Izabella Izes Sawicka
Director of photography: Paweł Klein
Production artist and editor: Izabella Izes Sawicka
Assistant: Mateusz Mickiewicz
Special thanks to: Koza Kuskus, www.karabinmaszynowy.com/Radek Moenert and Klub Desdemona
Actress: Marcelina Kowalska

Cheers to all friends who took part and everyone who helped us with this video!
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