The Waikiki Beach Boys-Waikiki

The Waikiki Beach Boys - Waikiki

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Descripción y letras
This is one of my favorite Hawaiian records. Made in 1967(?), this version of the album is reproduced in stereo unlike the mono versions you commonly see available online.

"As you sit indoors on a rainy afternoon, do you sometimes lean back in your armchair, close your eyes, let your imagination wander and dream that you are on some exotic South Sea island, surrounded by beautiful girls in grass skirts and with the sunshine belting down from a cloudless sky as you sip coconut milk in the shade of a palm? Well, we can dream, can't we? O.K., when, and if, you ever get to that paradise of earth, you will probably find the food upsets your tummy, the heat is unbearable and the insects make your flesh crawl, but such thoughts have no place in your daydreams.
When your mind is seeking relief from the cold damp and smog of home, all you want to dream of is the rolling surf, the sunrays flickering like silver darts in the spray, and those endless miles of golden sand. Perhaps this mental search for Utopia explains why the music of such places as Hawaii remains so popular in an environment which could hardly be more contrasting.
It affects us all. Why else would the surfing music of Jan and Dean and The Beach Boys be so popular amoung kids who have never seen surf-boards? And why would albums of Hawaiian music continue to be amoung the best selling items in the record companies' catalogues? There's something about those singing guitars and sweet rhythms which helps us dream on.
The song titles alone are enough to conjure up visions of sun-kissed Hawaii, tunes like "Hilo Kiss", "My Tan", "Moonlight Hawaii" and "Hawaiin War Chant", and all of them are given that special Waikiki Beach Boys touch.
It would be a sad thing if you weren't allowed to daydream and forget the troubles of the day now and then, and we certainly don't want to spoil your illusions, indeed, we believe a spin of this record will enhance them. So spread a few travel brochures on the floor for effect, pour yourself an ice-cool drink, huddle a little nearer to the fire, listen to the Waikiki Beach Boys and sense the Breeze of Hawaii."

Side 1:

1. Honolulu
2. My Tane
3. Poinciana
4. Hawaiian Dream Boat
5. Paradise
6. Hilo Kiss
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