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Alphonse Mouzon-All That Jazz

Alphonse Mouzon - All That Jazz

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Alphonse Mouzon All That Jazz

Descripción y letras
Several different drummers helped put jazz fusion on the map in the '70s. The one who seems to get most of the credit is Billy Cobham, but Alphonse Mouzon contributed quite a bit to the cause as well. Born on November 21, 1948, in Charleston, South Carolina, Mouzon got serious with his drumming in high school, where he studied with both a saxophonist and a drummer. Relocating to New York City in the late '60s to attend college, Mouzon had a hard time deciding between a career in music, drama, or medicine. Music wound up getting the nod by the dawn of the '70s, when Mouzon served as a session drummer on recordings by Tim Hardin (Bird on a Wire), Gil Evans (Gil Evans), Weather Report (Weather Report), Norman Connors (Dance of Magic), John Klemmer (Magic and Movement), and Teruo Nakamura (Unicorn).


1. Early Spring 00:00
2. Alone In Paris 05:18
3. Waterfall 11:03
4. Love Fantasy 15:11
5. Your Eyes Are Beautiful 20:35
6. The Next Time We Love 26:08
7. Poobli 32:28
8. Jean-Pierre 38:55
9. Making Love With You 42:09
10. Come And See What I've Got 46:46
11. A Lullaby For Little Alphonse 50:57
12. To Mom With Love 55:34
13. Morning Sun 01:02:00
14. If Tomorrow Comes 01:06:41
15. The Lady In Red 01:11:56
16. Step Into The Funk 01:15:36

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